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This Digital fact sex device uses Plug and Participate in technological know-how, making it user-pleasant even for newbie Personal computer consumers. The Sexual intercourse Stroker masturbator is seven inches very long x two.75 inches vast and made from a lifetime-like realistic pores and skin material identified as Cyberskin. The intercourse machine includes the 3D Interactive Video game Program, USB connection cable, recreation Recommendations, and information to obtain added games.

The technique demands for the Virtual Intercourse Storker intercourse equipment are: Home windows 98/ME/XP or Windows2000, Directx 8.0 or higher (involved on disk), Macromedia Flash Player (involved on disk), Pentium II, 333 mhz or quicker, 68 MB Ram or maybe more, a person cost-free USB port, and not less than 70MB of absolutely free tricky disk Place.